Same Sex Yacht Wedding at Vinoy St. Petersburg

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 Same Sex Yacht Wedding | St. Petersburg Wedding Photographer

The New Year and RLP's 2016 wedding season started with Andrew and Jeff’s wedding at the Vinoy hotel. Well, technically speaking, it was the second day of 2016. But I digress… back to Andrew and Jeff’s love story. You see, they weren’t supposed to fall in love.  Funny how that works.

A newly single Jeff wasn’t looking to jump into the dating scene.  Meanwhile, Andrew had plans to return to his home state after completing his degree. Neither of them had anything serious in mind when they met during a night on the town.  But a friendship developed and they started hanging out. Nothing serious, they reminded each other.  They were just hanging out. Yet somewhere between the carefully made life plans and inconvenient timing, they fell in love.  It had become serious!

And so their family and dearest friends flew in from all around the world to celebrate this love, starting at the famed Vinoy hotel in St. Pete. Jeff and Andrew chose a Starship yacht as their wedding venue. We set sail before sunset. Open air. Rolling waves. St. Pete fading into the background. Best friend Brittany, officiated the ceremony that had laughter and tears—all from the heart. Celebrations got underway with a tear jerker of a speech by Jeff’s sister who thanked all his friends for their acceptance, love and support.  A toast peppered with Taylor Swift song references had the dining room smiling and prov. 

Jeff and Andrew, it was a joy to see you so sweetly overwhelmed by the love and attention showered upon you. What a way to start the year and your marriage! It's has been a treat getting to know you both.


Same sex wedding invitations with a nautical theme taken at the Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburgstarship-wedding-invations-vinoy.jpgRising Lotus Photography took this photo of nautical themed wedding invitations.

A closeup photo of the couple's Tiffany wedding rings while they enjoy mimosas. starship-yacht-wedding-vinoy-tiffany-ring.jpgRising Lotus Photography captured this photo of the grooms enjoying mimosas at the Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg

Andrew and Jeff enjoyed some quiet time and mimosas together. They'd spent the days leading up to their wedding welcoming friends and family to St. Pete. It was in these quiet moments that the enormity and excitement of getting married bubbled up.

The grooms got ready at the Vinoy hotel before their wedding aboard a yacht in St. Petersburg.vinoy-hotel-nautical-same-sex-wedding-grooms.jpgRising Lotus Photography took this photo grooms getting ready at the Vinoy Hotel.

Grooms pose in front of the Vinoy Hotel lobby before their wedding on a yacht.same-sex-nautical-wedding-vinoy.jpgRising Lotus Photography took this photo of the grooms outside the Vinoy Hotel.

The Vinoy, which is listed on U.S. National Register of Historic Places. makes a grand architectural statement with its intricately crafted front entrance. Add a dapper couple to the mix and we've got magic!

Grooms stand pose for photos near the St. Petersburg marina before their wedding ceremony.same-sex-wedding-vinoy-st-peterburg.jpgRising Lotus Photography took this photo of a same sex couple before their wedding in St. Petersburg

Same sex couple pose for pictures along the St. Petersburg marina before their wedding ceremony about the Starship Yachtsame-sex-yacht-wedding-st-pete-marina.jpgRising Lotus Photography took this photo of the grooms at the St. Petersburg marina. After photographing their loved ones at the Vinoy, we crossed the street for some portraits along the marina.

The grooms share a kiss along the St. Petersburg marina before their wedding ceremony aboard the Starship Yacht.same-sex-wedding-st-petersburg-marina-kiss.jpgRising Lotus Photography captured this image of the grooms kissing along the St. Petersburg marina.

The grooms were escorted down the aisle by their mothers for a wedding aboard the Starship in St. Petersburgsame-sex-yacht-wedding-processional-st-pete.jpgRising Lotus Photography took this image of a same sex wedding on the Starship Cruise Yacht.

Same sex wedding ceremony took place aboard the Starship Yacht cruise in St. Petersburgsame-sex-yacht-wedding-ceremony-starship.jpgRising Lotus Photography took this photo of a same sex wedding on the Starship Cruise yacht.

The wedding ceremony aboard the Starship yacht was personal and sweet...and more than a few tears were shed. These two were literally surrounded by love!

Navy and yellow wedding reception decorations on the Starship in St. Petersburgsame-sex-wedding-reception-decor-starship-yacht-jpgRising Lotus Photography took this image of the wedding reception details on the Starship yacht.

A closeup view of the wedding cake adorned with yellow flowers.same-sex-wedding-cake-yacht-st-petersburg.jpgRising Lotus photography took this photo of the wedding cake aboard the Starship yacht.

Same sex newlyweds make a grand entrance during the wedding reception.same-sex-wedding-entrance-starship-st-pete.jpgImage of newlyweds making a grand entrance on the Starship taken by Rising Lotus Photography.

These two know how to have a good time and are such fun to be around.

The grooms enjoy smearing frosting on each other after the cake cuttingsame-sex-grooms-starship-wedding-cake.jpgPhoto of grooms after the cake cutting ceremony taken by Rising Lotus Photography.

The grooms dance with their mothers during the wedding reception aboard the Starship in St. Petersburg.same-sex-nautical-wedding-parent-dance.jpgImages of grooms dancing with their moms were taken by Rising Lotus Photography

The grooms enjoy their first dance as a married couple aboard the Starship cruise yacht in St. Petersburg.same-sex-yacht-wedding-reception-dance.jpgPhoto of same sex newlyweds taken by Rising Lotus Photography.






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