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You can take the girl out of Detroit but you can't take the Urban Art out of the Photography. Visiting my roots and photographing the essence of the city. From blight to rejuvenation, the great juxtaposition.
Graffiti Art, Detroit Street- Detroit MichiganBeautiful Street Art, Detroit, Michigan - Urban Graffiti ArtUrban Blight- Detroit, MichiganRebuilding Detroit- Urban ArtFinding Graffiti- Detroit, MichiganDetroit Tiger Gates: Detroit, MichiganTiger Stadium Remains- Detroit, MichiganAmerican Flag and Old Train Station- Detroit, MichiganPrivate Property- Detroit, MichiganWheat Fields & Tran Station- Detroit, MichiganWoodward Graffiti Window, Detroit, MichiganFlower & Graffiti- Detroit, Michigan- Urban ArtOld Tiger Stadium Gates- Detroit, MichiganGraffiti & the Old Train Station- Detroit, MichiganGolden Hour- Detroit, MichiganOld Train Stations- Detroit StationOld Train Station- Detroit StationWheat Fields & Old Train Station- Detroit, MichiganField of Gold- Detroit, MichiganNo Tresspassing- Old Train Station, Detroit, Michigan