The Golden Hour

November 28, 2016
Award Winning Wedding PhotographyAward Winning Wedding Photography
Squinty eyes. Blown out, white hot sun. Hard to decern features. Harsh shadows. Truth be told, this is the stuff of nightmares for photographers. As professional wedding photographers and masters of natural light photography, we can photograph at any time of day. But there IS a science behind finding good lighting while the sun is high and bright. Finding great light at different parts of the day required a trained eye and makes a fantastic photographer. We have  experience  finding soft, beautiful and magical light even at 3 pm. A big part of choosing a professional wedding photographer who specializes in natural light is trusting their knowledge to make you luminescent and beautiful. I choose my locations on great light and what will make my subjects look the best.
Now, you may be wondering why am I telling you all this. We want our clients to be happy- and although there are some circumstances we can't control, helping our clients select the best location and time of day for their sessions IS something that we CAN do to avoid "less than ideal photos" scenario.  Which is why you'll hear us encourage you to schedule your photos (especially your newlywed couple's photos) around The Golden Hour (cue the angels singing and the sky producing magical moments). 
In photography, the Golden Hour, also referred to as the magic hour, is the dreamy time of day where the sun is the perfect shade of gold; the shadows are soft, and skin tone is natural. It's the time of day where you can relax into your environment and enjoy the scenery without the burning glare of the sun. 
The Golden Hour happens around sunrise and sunset.  The hour surrounding these earth shifts produces the most ethereal, effervescent light. Golden hour is optimum because we get the opportunity to play with light, sun flare and the quality of light is softer.  This is the time when you can get those epic landscape photographs with tons more freedom for fantastic backdrops. It brings with it a calm and peace of mind as the sun kisses your forehead and a smile spreads across your face. You might not even realize it's happening- but behind the lens, your beautify shines, and we can capture you in your essence. 
Award Winning Wedding Photographer Central FloridaAward Winning Wedding Photographer Central Florida
Again, we want to emphasize that you can select any location and time that you want and a skilled photographer CAN and WILL make it work. But those Pinterest-worthy images that you fall in love with? You may have already guessed it, but they're likely taken during Golden Hour ;)  The sweeping shot of that magnificent kiss on the grounds of your dream venue you've been dreaming of? Perfect for Golden Hour too! 
Now that we've convinced you that being photographed during the golden hour reflect the best YOU in photos, you may want to know how exactly to determine the WHEN. There is no set golden hour year round- it changes from season to season. Once of my favorite resources is a site called Sunrise Sunset ( ). The site allows you to pick your location and then provides you a calendar or exact times for each during the month.  At this time of this post (October 27, 2017, sunrise is at 7:35 am and sunset it at 6:43 pm). Based on this info, if you were to create your wedding day timeline with Golden Hour in mind, below would be the ideal:
Bridal details: 2:00 pm
Getting Ready: 3:00 pm
Bridal: 3:30 pm
First look:  4:00
4:30 Bridal Party
Ceremony details and pre-ceremony: 5:00pm
Ceremony: 5:15 pm
Family portraits: 5:45 pm 
Newlywed Portraits: 6:15 pm (magic time!) 
Sunset 6:43 pm
Reception:  7:00pm 
Your photos are priceless memories, and we want nothing more than for you to look back on your day with the fondest of feelings. Let your natural light shine from within and let the sun's perfect glow illuminate that for you

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