Decoding Hybrid Photography

September 30, 2016  •  3 Comments

Film Camera, hybrid photographerpentax-1Pentax 645NII Film Camera


Let's talk hybrid photography! First, what exactly is this buzz word (as it relates to weddings)? It is a photography style that blends film and digital. And is practiced by those (hopefully) who has the ability, skill, and know-how to shoot dual photography types.


Now, for people who aren't professional photographers, you may think this phrase can be used like a blanket on all wedding photographers. But I assure you that  the skill sets are different. The outcome is different. And the pros and cons to either medium are quite vast. It is important to me that couples understand that not everyone can or will shoot both mediums. And that is OK! You hire your photographer for their skill- both technically and creatively and let's face it- personality, service and sometimes price too! Being informed about that decision is very important. Do you want a photographer who takes portraits and poses? Or candid, photojournalistic shots? Someone who blends into the crowd, or someone who is by your side most of the night? Natural light or artificial (flash)?  These are important questions to ask because they will help you identify the best photographer for you and the medium they use to capture your special day!


Rising Lotus Photography chooses to blend the two skills and styles at each event so that you have the minty pastel color & detail that film offers, and the speed and efficiency that digital offers. We love integrating film photography to our couture wedding collections because this classic, timeless, beautiful photography will remain stunning for years to come. It is one of the best ways to ensure that we capture the essence and beauty of a couple on their very special day (film is an extremely thoughtful process that really makes us stay in the moment).  By using both mediums, we're also able to capture moments regardless of the lighting. Because film isn't a great option for after dark or low-light spaces! We are very selective on when we use film. It creates some of the most beautiful and ethereal photographs and we believe that you’re at your best together, so we save [most of] the magic for newlywed portraits during golden hour.


I use a medium-format Pentax 645 NII, a vintage camera. I can get about 12 frames per roll- so I'll usually go through at least 1-3 rolls per wedding when I'm shooting hybrid. That's not to say that is an exact number, but a fairly good average for my Gold Collection.  As for digital, I'm a Canon girl!


So, all that said, we want to leave you with just a couple things to consider when selecting a film, digital, or hybrid photographer:


  • Film is an added expense to the studio. In most cases, this isn’t an overt or line-item expense that you are made aware of. However, most film and hybrid photographers are more expensive than strictly digital for this reason!

  • It takes additional time to process film. Most film and hybrid photographers leave the processing to dedicated professionals (because having a personal darkroom isn’t so easy these days). Which mean that we have to wait! Even if we have all of the digital images edited, we may still have a couple weeks before having our film scans back. So that requires a bit of added patience for everyone. We promise it’s worth it!

  • Film is a lost art requiring specific knowledge on the use of light.  As mentioned above, film doesn’t work for every moment or occasion. Having an understanding of light is paramount in film success. Which also means timing is everything. If film photography is important  to you, consult with your photographer regarding the wedding location and timeline to ensure you have taken everything into consideration for optimal results.


I hope that this has helped clear up any confusion you had regarding film or hybrid photography! We truly feel that hybrid photography captures the best of both worlds, and your wedding day deserves that! Below are a couple of film photos for comparison! And of course, if you have ANY questions, I’m only a phone call or email away!

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