How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

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Things to consider before you hire a wedding photographer

Congratulations on your engagement! This is an exciting time but it can also get a bit stressful as you piece together all the people, places and things that make your wedding day ideas a reality. We’ve compiled a short list of suggestions to help make choosing your perfect photographer easier.

Which factors motivate your decision?

There’s a photographer for every price point, preference and personality. When you determine the factors that most influence your decision-making and how important photography is for you, then your options become more clear.  Consider things such as: photography services offered, artistry, client care, wedding day experience, area of specialty and experience, your photography investment and how important they are to you as you search for your photographer.

Ca' d'Zan wedding. Covington Farm Wedding. Barn Weddings. Wedding photographerWedding at Covington Farms. Photo by Rising Lotus Photography.Wedding at Covington Farms. Photo by Rising Lotus Photography

Look for the right match

Now you may be thinking, “Well, that’s obvious.” But hang on a second. You see, some people subscribe to the theory that a photographer is a photographer is a photographer; just pick one and you’ll be fine. That’s like saying a Ferrari and a Camry are both cars. While that statement is technically correct, both cars fit entirely different needs and wants. A car buyer with a family may be wowed by a Ferrari but it will never be a good fit (literally) for transporting a family of four. And the person who’s eyeing a Ferrari will never be swayed by the Camry’ fuel mileage and other practical features. So how does all this car talk relate to hiring a wedding photographer?

As you research a photographer and look through their portfolio, website, and social media accounts, be mindful of the following: Are you drawn to their work and is his/her approach to wedding photography a good fit for the way you envision your wedding day unfolding? For instance, if you’re getting married on a beach but the photographer you adore has gallery after gallery of ballroom weddings on their website, then you need to address that with the photographer. Perhaps you’ve decided you want un-posed photographs without realizing that your favorite photographer actually directs her subjects into seemingly candid what? The point is to look for a photographer that’s a great overall match for what you like and the wedding you’re planning.

wedding photographer, Bella Colina wedding by Rising Lotus Photographywedding-23Bella Colina Wedding by Rising Lotus Photography. Florida wedding photographer

Schedule a meeting

You are entrusting your photographer with the responsibility of documenting one of the most important days in your life and you’ll likely spend a significant amount of time with them during your wedding day. So it’s important that you like and trust the person you’ve chosen to work with. If you’re not comfortable with him or her it will detract from your experience. It also becomes more challenging for a photographer to capture genuine emotion when a client feels guarded, making it a chore for everyone involved. Set up a meeting (in-person, Skype or over the phone), get to know the person behind the lens, how they work and let them get to know you and your fiancé.  If you’ve reached out to a multi-shooter studio, make sure you get the chance to meet the person who will actually photograph your wedding.



Communicate your expectations early on

Discuss your expectations so there’s a clear understanding of what you’re looking for and what the photographer can realistically deliver. This covers a wide range of topics such as: services offered, printed products, contracts, payment, production timeline etc. When all parties agree on what to expect, a lot of misunderstandings are avoided and we have a recipe for happy wedding clients!

Finally, trust yourself and enjoy the process. Most wedding photographers want you to have a wonderful experience and give you images that you will treasure forever. Professional wedding photographers are experts in our field and have great insight into custom timeline development, photographs shot lists, wedding details and flexibility. They will have the best ideas for the locations with magical light that highlight you as a couple. Good luck with your wedding planning and please come back for more wedding photography tips!

boho wedding photographer boho-83Wedding Photographer boho bride and groom

Top Suggestions


  1. Discuss as a couple what is the most important aspect of wedding photography to you?
  2. Research potential photographers work paying attention to their style and methods.
  3. Schedule a meeting to get to know your photographer personally and professionally.
  4. Communicate your expectations and what is important to you.




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