2024 Wedding Photography Trends

March 21, 2024

 2024 Wedding Photography Trends 

As an Ocala wedding photographer with over a decade of experience, I've got my lens focused on the hottest wedding photography trends of 2024. 

In the whimsical world of wedding photography, the times are a-changin'! Gone are the days of rigid, rule-abiding snapshots. Now, it's all about tossing that rulebook out the window and embracing the wild side of creativity. Who needs a "perfect" wedding photo when you can capture the raw emotion and the unique vibe of the day? It's like everyone's finally realized that a little bit of rule-breaking can lead to some seriously epic wedding memories.

Let's snap to it!

Trends Worth Noting 

1. **Color Me Vibrant**: Wave goodbye to those washed-out photos because vibrant colors are going to be front and center as the main character! It's like our cameras just had a color explosion, and I'm here for it. Just as wedding color palettes are going vibrant so will the photographs. 

three wedding cakes with vibrant flowers and elaborate decor. Luxury wedding cake designed with bright pink flowers. Elaborate cake table with amazing bright colored florals CAKE! Wedding cake is the best. Bright vibrant flowers and cake is a dream. Photography by Rising Lotus Photography in Paris, France. 2. **Flashy Business**: Remember when direct flash was all the rage? Well, now we're upping the ante with off-camera flash that'll make those reception photos pop like a 90's mixtape. Get ready for some serious flash dance moves! 

Wild West sunset wedding newylwed couple bride with large boho bouquet and groom in cowboy hat Wild West sunset wedding newylwedsWestern wedding photographed at Covington Farms in Dade City, Florida. Photographed by Rising Lotus Photography and Films

3. **Natural Beauty**: Orange you glad we're moving away from those orange tones? Finally, orange skin reminds me of our Covid years. This year, it's all about creamy skin tones with a hint of blue shadows. It's like Mother Nature herself is doing the makeup.

Top Ocala Wedding PhotographerTop Ocala Wedding Photographer

4. **Motion Emotion**: The blur is here to stay, folks! But we're not talking about accidental blurry pics—oh no, Or the accidental aperture priority infamous blurred detail photos- let's see those blurry ring photos go buh-bye.   We're talking about capturing the whirl of a dress or the twirl of a dance with purposeful motion blur for enhanced storytelling. It's like a waltz for your eyes.

Bride on river twirling with wedding dress in Sarasota, Florida motion blur to emotion Bridal portrait with motion blur in Sarasota, Florida by Rising Lotus Photography and Films Motion blur is used to portray movement and can evoke emotion in wedding photographs. 2024 we will see a more refined use of motion blur for storytelling

5. **Drone Drama**: And here's the buzz—drones are taking wedding photography to new heights! Imagine aerial shots of your special day, giving you and your guests the superstar treatment.

wedding drone photograph of newlywed couple on water in wedding dress at sunset Drone wedding photograph at Covington Farms, Dade City, Florida. Photograph by Rising Lotus Photography and Films 2024 wedding photography trend drone photography for newlyweds and bridal party not just for venue photographs

Wedding Photography Trend Warning

-1. **Crooked Horizon lines**: Ah, the crooked horizon line in wedding photography, the trend that's been tilting heads and causing furrowed brows across the bridal world. We saw it 15 years ago and it's rearing the nightmarish head again. It's like the photographers are saying, "Let's take this symbol of stability and just give it a little nudge." Sure, it's edgy, it's different, and yes, it's been used in Hollywood to make audiences feel like they're on a boat in a stormy sea. But when it comes to capturing the blissful stability of matrimony, can we really get behind a trend that screams "Hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride"? I think not! So let's straighten out those horizons and keep the unease for the thriller flicks, shall we?

-2. **Panty Hose**: Oh, weddings! A time of joy, love, and some truly questionable photography trends. Let's talk about one that really takes the (wedding) cake: shooting through panty hose. Yes, you read that right. The quest to find the most bizarre objects to shoot through in hopes of achieving that *unique* shot. But let's be real, there's a fine line between unique and just plain weird.

Imagine this: You're at a beautiful ceremony, and the photographer whips out a pair of panty hose, stretches them over the lens, and starts snapping away. The guests are confused, the couple is bewildered, and the results? Well, they're as fuzzy as your uncle's recollection of the '70s.

-3. **Table Race** The latest wedding photography fad has hit big on Tik-Tok is the newlyweds race to capture every table. Picture this: the bride and groom sprinting from table to table, trying to snap a photo with every table of guests. But let's be real, the only thing racing is the couple's heart rate. Why don't we ever see these photos? It's always JUST the race to the tables. Because they're awkward! Not everyone makes it into the photograph, if they do, they are floating heads at the back of the table, you've got half-eaten dinner photobombing, and let's not even talk about those unflattering side angles of Uncle Bob mid-chew. It's a trend that should be left at the starting line or call it what it is a great TikTok video.


I love playing with trends as much as the next shutterbug, but remember, folks: it's all about capturing those timeless moments that'll make you smile, laugh, or shed a happy tear even decades down the line. So let's make some memories that'll outlast any trend! Most importantly I want my couples to LOVE their wedding photographs. If I have a bride say I want a crooked table race photograph shot with panty hose... I"m in. 

collage of wedding photos with spring colors in from of French chateau Top Internation couture wedding photographerCouture wedding photography collage Bellview Inn Sarasota Wedding PhotographyBellview Inn Sarasota Wedding PhotographyCollage of wedding photographs from Bellview Inn St. Petersburg Florida light and airy style Golden Ocala- Luxury Wedding Venue. Ocala Wedding photographer & VideographerGolden Ocala- Luxury Wedding Venue. Ocala Wedding photographer & VideographerRed and white wedding at Golden Ocala in Ocala, Florida Covington Farms Wedding Photographer, Top Ocala Wedding photographyCovington Farms Wedding Photographer, Top Ocala Wedding photographycollage of periwinkle blue and pastels at Covington Farm in Dade City, Florida

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