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March 15, 2024

Breaking Wedding Traditions: Celebrating Love Unconventionally

Are you tired of the same old wedding traditions? Do you dream of a wedding day that truly reflects your unique love story? As a passionate photographer, I’m here to tell you that breaking away from the norm can lead to unforgettable moments and captivating memories. Let’s explore how you can infuse creativity and personality into your special day! Here are some real-life examples of weddings that infused creativity and personality into their day! 


Your wedding should be a reflection of you—your quirks, passions, and individuality. Don’t shy away from unconventional choices. Instead, embrace them! Here are some delightful examples:

Harry Potter Wedding Magic

Imagine a wedding where wands replace bouquets, robes replace suits, and a sorting hat ceremony seals your vows. The enchantment of a Harry Potter-themed wedding is irresistible. Capture the magic through your lens as love intertwines with wizardry. 

Haunted Mansion Romance

For the daring souls, consider exchanging vows in a haunted mansion. Surrounded by eerie decorations and guests in elaborate costumes, your love story becomes a gothic fairy tale. The shadows and candlelight create an otherworldly ambiance. 

wedding couple dressed in black in Hollis Garden - goth weddingTop Tampa wedding Photographer - Hollis GardenBride and Groom breaking tradition with the bride in a black wedding gown and grown in shades, location Hollis Gardens in Lakeland, Florida


Cow Pasture Love Western Wedding

Who says love can’t bloom in unexpected places? Picture a couple declaring their commitment in a sun-kissed cow pasture. The gentle mooing of cows and the rustling of grass provide a rustic backdrop. It’s a love story straight from the heart, unfiltered and genuine. 

bride wearing a floral crown in a cow pasture with sunflare at Wishing Well Barn, Plant City Bride in a cow pasture photographed by Rising Lotus Photography, Ocala FloridaBeautiful bride loves animals so much scheduled a special bridal session with the cows!

Tiki Hut Vibes Island Wedding

Couples who want to embrace the island attitude of "no problem man" on their wedding day. A rustic tiki bar adorned with seashells, fairy lights, and tropical flowers. Bartenders mix exotic cocktails—pineapple-infused mojitos, coconut daiquiris, and passionfruit margaritas. Guests sip from coconuts and laugh under the star-studded sky. Shoes? Who needs 'em! Kick off those heels, ditch the dress shoes. Your dance floor is the soft sand. Feel the earth beneath your feet as you sway to reggae beats and calypso rhythms. Barefoot and carefree, you and your guests groove like island spirits.

Rising Lotus Photography captures newlyweds kissing before the storm at Longboat Key Resort and Spanewlyweds steal a kiss before the storm Tropical wedding at Longboat Key Resort - Sarasota wedding photography

Pixelated Passion Gamers Wed

Gamer couples, rejoice! Incorporate your love for video games into your wedding. Set up a custom-made arcade, decorate with pixel art, and groove to game-inspired music. Your wedding becomes a level-up moment in your epic adventure together. 


Furry Friends Forever

Pets are family, and they deserve a front-row seat at your wedding. Imagine your loyal dog or curious cat donning a tiny tuxedo or a floral collar. We have a 4K collar video camera to capture the ceremony and cocktail hour from your dog's perspective. Capture their joy as they witness your union. And don’t forget the pet-friendly cake—it’s a paw-sitively sweet touch! Being from Ocala, Florida we have tons of equestrian weddings that involved our couples favorite horses. Bride can come down the aisle riding her horse and we can photograph the couple with the horses during newlyweds. 


Bride gives horse a kiss at Protea wedding and events in Ocala, Florida Award Winning Wedding Photography Central FloridaHorse girl wedding day wishes to kiss her favorite horse

2. Documenting the Unconventional

As a photographer, my lens seeks out the extraordinary. I’ll be there to capture every laugh, tear, and unexpected twist. Whether it’s the glow of a wand, the misty corridors of a mansion, or the playful nuzzles of farm animals, your love story will unfold beautifully. I truly believe that authentic amazing wedding experiences lead to the BEST photographs. Every wedding is unique thus how I photograph each day will be special and unique. 

3. Let’s Make Your Dreams Come True

If you’re ready to break free from tradition, I’m your lady. Let’s create a visual symphony that celebrates your love, no matter how unconventional or quirky. Together, we’ll turn your wedding day into a creative masterpiece—one that reflects your heart, soul, and the magic of your unique journey. 

Remember: Tradition is a guide, but love is the compass. 

Couple having an intimate moment on blue bridge boarder of Ohio and Kentucky captured by Rising Lotus Photography Top Kentucky Wedding PhotographerTo share a kiss with the love of your life

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